Updated as of May 11, 2020

In dealing with the health, economic and social consequences of COVID-19, Sodexo has reaffirmed its total commitment to its clients, suppliers, consumers and employees in the 67 countries in which the Group is present. We invite you to listen to the message that Denis Machuel, CEO of Sodexo, has sent to our employees.

From the very first signs of the December 2019 COVID-19 outbreak in China, Sodexo began mobilizing its resources to ensure its consumers stay safe and healthy and that its business continues to operate for its clients:

Everywhere, the health and safety of employees and consumers is Sodexo’s top priority. We have introduced enhanced measures in addition to social-distancing guidelines that all staff adhere to, including: 

Mindful of the difficulties encountered by its suppliers, Sodexo has also adopted support measures:

In addition, Sodexo is demonstrating its unanimity in the current crisis:

Sodexo is extremely proud of its employees who do a great job in often tough circumstances, and in locations that are on the front line. Sodexo recognizes their dedication and professionalism and extends its heartfelt thanks.  

Sodexo immediately responded to the pandemic’s economic impact by adapting its operational management. This included closing down sites, lowering service frequency and cancelling or postponing some services. 

Sodexo Employee Relief Program logoDespite all our efforts, we know that this once-in-a-lifetime crisis currently confronting us will regrettably mean lay-offs for some of our on-site staff in some countries, while strictly adhering to local employment legislation. As a result, we have decided to establish a global Sodexo Employee Relief Program to help on-site staff, who face layoffs.

1 The Chairwoman does not receive any annual variable compensation.

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