Our Services

Our skilled chefs use their knowledge and enthusiasm to craft exquisite cuisine while being mindful of dietary requirements and environmental effects. Food that tastes fantastic and delights our guests brings it all to life.

Corporate event catering

Why just create a meal, when you can create an experience? There’s no substitute for authentic flavors and fantastic food served by people dedicated to providing outstanding service. That’s the feeling we bring to every guest we serve. Our team is on hand to facilitate events big and small from intimate luncheons to cocktails and banquets.

Food waste management

We take our responsibility seriously. We embed tech-powered best practices for planning, production and measurement, so we effectively control food waste at all sites, while positively impacting the environment. What’s more, with proactive engagement and education, we help your employees and consumers become more mindful of their consumption habits. What results is dramatic food waste reduction.

Pantry supply management

As palates become increasingly sophisticated, pantries have become more than just office perks. They are a Quality of Life convenience that employees rely on for pick-me-ups amidst their busy days. Sodexo can help in every facet of pantry management, from break room design to providing high-quality products and customer service.

Kitchen and canteen operations

How do we offer world-class food? We start by attracting top culinary talent. Our chefs are everything to us. We inspire our dedicated team with our global chef program and chef academy and bring great food to student dining halls, workplace cafeterias, healthcare institutions and events.

Kitchen design and build

For decades, we have helped clients operate their kitchen facilities more efficiently and effectively. Naturally, we are well placed to conceptualise, execute and manage turnkey renovation and construction of new kitchens, dining areas and serveries.

Best-in-class food service solution from Central Kitchen

We provide a top-notch food service solution from our Central Kitchen in Jakarta, ideal for clients without on-site kitchens and for corporate event catering. Our Central Kitchen prioritizes hygiene and safety, guaranteeing excellence and customer satisfaction in every meal we serve.

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