A Collaborative Effort to Make a Lasting Positive Impact

Indonesia - At Sodexo, the belief in the power of community and the ability to create a lasting positive impact is at the core of our mission. Today, we are excited to announce a remarkable collaboration between Sodexo Indonesia and FoodCycle Indonesia for Servathon 2023. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to bringing about meaningful change where it matters most.


A Journey of Compassion and Collaboration | This heartwarming collaboration brought together 70 dedicated volunteers and 700 enthusiastic children, all with one shared goal - to make a difference in our community. Together, we embarked on a journey that resulted in a profound impact: a total of 280 kilograms of nourishing food provided to those in need.

Nourishing Lives for a Brighter Tomorrow | Sodexo's commitment to creating a brighter future for every child is exemplified through this partnership. By combining forces with FoodCycle Indonesia, we are contributing to a world where no one has to go to bed hungry. Every child deserves a healthy start in life, and this collaborative effort is paving the way for just that.

A Message of Gratitude and Hope | Sodexo extends heartfelt gratitude to the 70 passionate volunteers, our valued partner FoodCycle Indonesia, and everyone who shares their vision. Together, we are spreading the message of positivity and uplifting lives. Our collective determination is a testament to what can be achieved when a community comes together for a common cause.

Continuing the Mission to #StopHunger | As we celebrate this successful collaboration, Sodexo reaffirms its commitment to making a lasting positive impact. Together, we are on a mission to #StopHunger and create a better tomorrow for all.


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