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Giving Students the Tools to Succeed


Giving Students the Tools to Succeed

What attracts students to universities? An attractive, welcoming campus and first-class dining are a must. But environmental policies, sustainable development, and local community engagement also rank high. And based on the 2018 Sodexo University Trends Report, they also need a culture that helps them thrive in an evolving world, a connected, personalised experience powered by technology and flexibility of learning beyond brick-and-mortar classrooms. In all these areas, Sodexo can help.

Focus Areas

Feeding the needs of every student

This generation of students has a real love of food. So their expectations when dining on campus are naturally high. With meals catering for a wide range of tastes and nutritional needs, dining times fitting around busy schedules and convenient, affordable meal options, Sodexo gets that.

Elevating the student experience

It’s important that students feel at home from day one. Giving them access to modern amenities, comfortable dorms, feedback channels and quality social and dining spaces makes a huge difference. At the University of Hong Kong, we help enhance student life with specialised food offerings in 10 eateries, digital dining solutions and energy saving initiatives.

University building management

First impressions count. A welcoming environment reflects well on your university and improves the quality of life for your students and faculty. By integrating cleaning, landscaping, and maintenance solutions, we help create campuses to be proud of.

A collaborative approach - efficiency drives savings and up-time

You have ambitious performance goals and long-term capital requirements. How are you going to meet them? One important step is to integrate your strategic assets, building and facility systems and energy management services. Sodexo can help.

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