Customized services

Sodexo has a strong reputation for its commitment to a culture that embodies Quality of Life, making it successful in attracting people who want to share their caring spirit and passion for serving others.

Specialized personnel

Our ability to attract, train and engage purpose-driven employees in the delivery of these expert services is a key differentiator. These strengths are more important than ever for our clients who face a growing shortage of caregivers.

Well-trained teams

Sodexo staff are specifically trained to understand and interact with seniors.

Sodexo has created a specific program - CARES - designed to foster appropriate relationships and behavior between employees and seniors, and to treat them as individuals who should enjoy maximum autonomy in an environment of respect and dignity. CARES stands for compassion, accountability, respect, enthusiasm and service. The CARES program includes training modules and weekly “huddles”, where Sodexo teams discuss instances of positive behavior that led to better quality of life outcomes for the seniors they interact with every day.

Upkeep and maintenance

Well-kept premises

Throughout the world, Sodexo adopts a comprehensive maintenance approach to prolong the lifespan of facilities, buildings and equipment and help administrators control costs. We do that through building design and maintenance, waste management services, grounds maintenance, cleaning and much more.  

Preforming these services properly and with care, is essential to ensuring a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for residents.

Asset and energy management

Sodexo’s advanced asset management and technical maintenance help maximize building operations, with engineering, maintenance and infrastructure optimization. We also provide sophisticated data-driven procurement systems that streamline client processes, help control costs and increase the efficiency of client operations.

In the United States, Sodexo has proved to be a strategic partner of Asbury Communities by helping to optimize operating costs at its eldercare facilities. In addition to delivering quality foodservices, cleaning and grounds keeping, we have enabled our client to reduce their total energy bill by 15.

How and Why the Five Senses Matter for Quality of Life


Sodexo and our Institute for Quality of Life partnered with the University of Ottawa’s Life Research Institute to deepen our understanding of seniors’ sensory impairments.

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing for sustainable fish and seafood

We are a strong player in local communities providing jobs, training, buying supplies and even creating networks of other service providers. Our business contributes to both local and regional economic development.

Key figures Seniors

1,064 million euro in revenues

5% of Group revenues

3.8% of Group employees in the Seniors segment

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2017