A holistic approach

We deliver a wide range of consistently excellent services, with a positive and cheerful professionalism, which impacts positively on every moment of seniors’ days.


Being well & eating well

For many seniors, mealtimes are a moment of real pleasure, and a highlight of their day. Sodexo was founded as a dining services company, and is known for providing consistently nutritious, locally-sourced food, prepared by expert chefs, with menus and options for comfort and exploration.

Sodexo also provides wellness programs that help seniors live life to the fullest.  Physical activity can range from simply moving a bed-bound resident, to keep blood flowing and flexibility in the limbs, to more strenuous gym, pool and outdoor activities. It helps seniors’ age well, by keeping them in the best possible physical shape, which promotes cognitive abilities.  

In the United States, our Wellness Directors organize innovative programs such as rock climbing outings coupled with diet and health experts illustrating just how fun and rewarding staying physically active can be, regardless of age.

Fostering Independence

Creating points of reference

To live their best life, our residents need to exercise their memory, perform repeated gestures and follow a routine to give them points of reference.

Working with specialists, our experts have designed a number of activities specifically intended to maintain and sharpen mental alertness, along with activities that maintain everyday gestures and opportunities for social interaction.

In France, Sodexo organizes a yearly cooking competition for disabled residents. The competition helps residents gain autonomy and confidence and gives an excellent opportunity for social interaction within the larger community. This year’s 20th anniversary edition had more than 110 teams competing from all around France.

In-home care for greater autonomy

Demand for delivering home services to dependent people is rapidly developing and diversifying. Specific needs are related to all of the moments of daily life: essential acts (eating, bathing, mobility, housekeeping), conversation and companionship and making trips outside the home to shop, go to work, keep a doctor’s appointment, etc.

In the United States, our subsidiary Comfort Keepers helps elderly and dependent people live in the comfort of their homes. Comfort Keepers the leading provider of non-medical in-home services in North America.

Reassuring families

The move to residential care can be stressful for seniors’ families, particularly their children. They need to trust that their elderly parents are being well looked-after, that they will be well fed, and that all their needs and expectations have been understood and factored in. Sodexo teams play an important role in this context, comforting them with warmth, concern and kindness.

In France, Sodexo plays an active role in helping facilities for the elderly communicate with residents’ families. We send newsletters and individualized reports to families and organize open house visits. These actions are important to reassure family members about the quality of care provided for their loved ones.

Quality of Life in action

Restoring dining Harmonie for all Seniors.


In France, the offer Harmonie, is reinventing meals for seniors. Harmonie brings back the pleasure of eating and helps support independence, wellness and overall quality of life. Residents are engaged with others during meals; they are tasting new foods and participating in life. While the statistics show the measurable improvement, the real measure is in the smiles we create on Seniors’ faces. In addition to the immediate impact of pleasure, we bring back self-esteem, dignity and autonomy and this contributes strongly to Seniors’ quality of life.

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How and Why the Five Senses Matter for Quality of Life


Sodexo and our Institute for Quality of Life partnered with the University of Ottawa’s Life Research Institute to deepen our understanding of seniors’ sensory impairments.

Personal & Home Services

Sodexo employee with a senior woman

Sodexo contributes to making individuals' daily lives easier responding to important needs at all stages of life.

Key figures Seniors

1,064 million euro in revenues

5% of Group revenues

3.8% of Group employees in the Seniors segment

Source: Sodexo Group, FY 2017