Nourishing active minds

Nourishing active minds

Eating healthy foods at all times

Students need good food for competing demands from studying to their busy social lives. At Sodexo, we prioritise healthy eating at school that nourishes the students’ body for top performance. We ensure our food offers always include a health and wellness option.

Menus are carefully crafted by our Executive Chef and approved by our Senior Dietitian that meet food standards regulations and Government guidelines on nutrition.

Our teams are experienced in adapting services to meet each client’s unique needs from hot and cold sit-down meals to snacks, sandwiches and beverages. From Head Chefs to Service Attendants, our team has the expertise and knowledge of culinary trends and the highest presentation standards.

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Events and functions services

At Sodexo we understand the importance of organizing, catering and making each event a success.


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Feedlife provides a balanced diet to pupils by associating with the nutritional intake and how diet leads to a healthy lifestyle. It combines traditional dishes with flavors from around the world. Recipes are chef-tested to ensure consistency and quality.