Energy management

Energy management

Controlling consumption

A large part of institutions budgets goes to energy expenditures. For institutions that often accommodate several thousand students, reducing energy consumption is a top priority.

We have therefore engaged our experts to design innovative energy management systems to help our partners achieve their sustainability goals: reducing energy consumption, carbon emissions and associated costs through targeted analysis of a client’s assets and how they are used.

Our services include:

  • energy and carbon audits
  • carbon management
  • infrastructure upgrades
  • monitoring and reporting
  • utilities management
  • NABERS ratings
  • project design
  • strategic planning

More services

Environmental management

Sodexo supports institutions’ proactive efforts towards ‘greener’ approach.

Asset management

We create a safe, compliant environment that enhances productivity and maximizes assets’ useable lifecycle.

Project management

We design and deliver a client’s project on-time, on-budget and on-specification.


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