Balanced diet offers

Balanced diet offers

Eating well onshore

Our experienced chefs develop menus for your staff that combine dining pleasure with the benefits of wholesome nutrition. Drawing on our knowledge of Remote Site consumers worldwide, we know how to satisfy their diverse eating habits and various cultural and dietetic requirements.

Our menus have a mix of hot and cold dishes, high energy foods and healthy choices, as well as a wide variety of flavours and textures to meet all tastes and dietary requirements of our customers.

Sodexo is committed to delivering healthy, nutritious food, with an emphasis on ingredients and products from sustainable sources. Our approach has been based upon adopting Government guidelines and industry best practice.

More services

Accommodation services

We provide housekeeping, cleaning and laundry to give your employees the comfort they expect and deserve on the camp.

Team building activities

To ensure residents feel motivated and part of a team, we run regular leisure, sport and entertainment events.


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