Diversity and Inclusion

At Sodexo, diversity and inclusion is more than a moral obligation or a societal goal. It is a business imperative. Through partnerships, awareness programs and actions such as mentoring and employee networks, we foster a culture that embraces differences and celebrates unique talents.


Our staff force are made up of people from all walks of life. We are a results driven business that emphasizes on quality of work regardless of gender, race, religion, culture and physical capabilities.

We have well-balance mix at all levels of operational staff as well as middle to upper management. We believe in creating equal opportunities to all based solely on individual capability, skills and experiences.

People with disabilities

Recruit, engage, develop and provide accommodations for employees with special needs.

Our 2016 campaign: Open-Up… to our ability to talk about disability

open-upSodexo is in the second year of our 10-year journey towards our commitment that 100% of our workforce will have access to our programs for people with disabilities by 2025. Participating in the Open-Up initiative will promote awareness and reinforce our intention to drive an inclusive environment for people with disabilities wherever Sodexo operates.


Expand the representation, engagement and development of women in leadership and operational positions.

Sodexo is firmly committed to promoting the advancement of women and empowering women around the world both at work and in our communities to advance their development and quality of life. Empowered women create stronger teams, families and communities. When women do better, we all do better. This is a positive way to share and celebrate the power women have and say “WOW!” This is the power of WOW!



Build awareness and identify new opportunities to increase generational representation and a culture of effective working relationships across generations.

Sodexo hires and trains employees from four different generations from young people to seniors. The Group makes an effort to help them work together in order to share their experiences and creativity.


Cultures and origins

Strive to ensure that Sodexo’s workforce reflects the diversity of its consumers and clients.

Sodexo fights against discrimination on the basis of origin, through awareness raising programs, targeted trainings and development opportunities.

We serve clients and consumers from all countries, all national origins and all cultures. We put an emphasis on ensuring that our teams are as diverse as those of our clients, in order to better understand and respond to the diversity of preferences and expectations. This is reflected through formal commitments and specific tools (training, reporting, manager compensation) that raise awareness about discrimination on the basis of origins.

Sexual orientation and gender identity

Foster an inclusive environment forLGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) employees.

Sodexo promotes a company culture which is accepting of all diversities, visible and non visible. Through networks and partnerships, it strives to create a safe environment in which all employees can “bring their whole self to work”.


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The report highlights the progress and efforts that Sodexo has made to promote diversity and inclusion around the world.

DiversityInc2017For the 9th consecutive year, Sodexo ranks in the Top 10 on the DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity for its strong commitment for diversity and inclusion.