Sodexo recognized by the Energy Institute for offshore health and wellness programme

November 18, 2013

Sodexo collected the Safety Award at the Energy Institute ceremony held on November 14 in London for its incentive-based Well Track programme.

Sodexo recognized by the Energy Institute for offshore health and wellness programme

Energy Institute (200x46)Every year, the Energy Institute Awards recognize individuals and organizations in the global energy industry for setting new standards of excellence and innovation in their daily activities. This Energy Institute Award recognizes the contribution and value to society made every day by those working in the energy industry.

Designed in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen, Well Track is a holistic scheme aimed at helping to tackle potential health issues among offshore workers. By participating in the programme workers have direct access to specialist coaches who provide bespoke advice on diet and exercise, both onshore and offshore. Recommendations are also given to reduce potential stress factors resulting from rotations between home life and life offshore. A specially-designed rewards system encourages participants and their entourage to maintain their progress.

Simon Seaton, Chief Operating Officer for Sodexo Remote Sites Western Region, collected the award on behalf of Sodexo, the world’s 18th largest employer.

Simon Seaton said: “Independent research shows that a healthy employee is more alert to safety risks and is more likely to demonstrate safe behaviours. We created Well Track to help our offshore clients improve the health, wellbeing and subsequent safety of their workforce which is vital in this dangerous environment”.
“During a recent year-long pilot of the programme in the North Sea, the percentage of men with high blood pressure dropped by more than half, from 32 per cent to 15 per cent. Sleep patterns improved, job satisfaction rose by 10 per cent and the percentage of participants who considered their health to be excellent or very good rose from 35 per cent to 55 per cent.”
“Well Track comes with a cost, but it is worth it. Healthier employees are safer, happier and more motivated to overcome the challenges offshore rotations can place on them and their entourage.”

More about Well Track
In 2008, Sodexo commissioned research by the University of Aberdeen to better understand the impact that wellness initiatives have on offshore workers in relation to reducing attrition, accidents, injuries, and absenteeism. Well Track was subsequently created to address the underlying health problems associated with the offshore industry and contribute to motivating this workforce to take better care of themselves, leading to more efficient, safety-minded behaviours.

More about Sodexo offshore globally
Sodexo’s 5000 employees working offshore deliver services that improve the Quality of Life of crews on more than 500 offshore units around the globe. We perform these services at any location and at any stage, from Asian shipyards to country of operation. Based on more than 40 years of experience with offshore clients, we offer a range of innovative services including Well Track and efficiency@sea, a solution to refurbish living quarters without disruption to operations.

More about Simon Seaton
Simon Seaton is Chief Operating Officer for Sodexo’s Western Region Remote Sites organization, supervising offshore operations in Europe (primarily Scotland, Norway and The Netherlands) and the United States (Gulf of Mexico, California and Alaska) that uphold the highest health and safety standards, drive the development of the Group’s service offer and delivery and provide industry-leading support and opportunities for its clients, consumers and employees.

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